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Payroll Services

Plusaccountants has in-depth knowledge of the local requirements (accounting, legal and tax) and cultivated excellent relations with the local banks, including the Central Bank of Aruba.

PlusAccountants provides payroll and filing of monthly tax returns services (wage tax, bbo/b-azv, room tax, tourist tax, levy tax and taxes for car rental companies).

PlusAccountants also prepares all the year-end filing of tax returns such as corporate tax, personal income tax, “opgaaf derden” and “verzamelloonstaat”.

PlusAccountants is engaged in providing payroll services to large companies. PlusAccountants has five (5) payroll masters that master Payroll Pro, Qwanto as well as Payroll 4. If desired by the customer PlusAccountants can administer vacation days and forward the payslips directly to all employees and management.

Additionally PlusAccountants can assist you with customer’s receivable from SVB and keep relevant data at the insurance company related to the pension agreement up-to-date.

PlusAccountants payroll services are done old school with a technology component; by linking your time registration software with PlusAccountants ‘s payroll software and providing electronically a file to execute the payment through online banking.

In Summary PlusAccountants Payroll Services includes:

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